A few words from our founder

Ed Tyson, our founder explains what really disappointed him about the 3D printing industry, and why he set up rigid.ink. You'll have to excuse his wooden camera presence. Let us know your thoughts here.

Why buy rigid.ink?

Super-tight industry leading +/-0.03mm tolerances - no jams just consistent print finishes.

Sublime, accurate colours so the colour you see online is the colour that prints.

Works with all open-source 3D printers at much better value.

Still not sure? We back it all up with an unmatched 60-day moneyback guarantee.

Click to Compare All Filament Cheap filament? It's a False Economy

Why high quality filament makes the difference:

We understand the frustrations of using 3d filament that isn’t high quality. It’s painful, you get inconsistent results; poor layer adhesion, blobbing and washed out colours, to name a few. Above all, it wastes your time – and with the amount of failed prints you’ll have to throw out, it really is a false economy.

You need high quality filament, something that consistently provides excellent results. Perfect layer adhesion, fine detail and smooth finishes, creating strong long lasting and usable prints. And that’s good, because you’re on our site. We just happen to make the best 3d printer filament in the world. Bold statement you say? Yes. This is what our customers tell us. We’ve crafted the best filament by combining excellent raw materials, best in the industry equipment to create super tight tolerances and decades of 3d printing experience.

Don’t take our word for it, read the reviews. Still not sure? Just Google us – see what everyone else says about rigid.ink. You’ll be impressed. Over 10,000 (and counting) makers, schools, universities and businesses that rely on rigid.ink can’t be wrong.

So if you're looking to buy PLA filament, UK based and loved by tens of thousands of people just like you - then you're in the right place.

And for good reason.

It’s not just that we produce outstanding 3d printer consumables. Our customer service is unmatched. Yes, everyone says that these days. But we actually care, we back up our quality with a very relaxed 60 day guarantee. Who else does that? If your PLA filament isn’t behaving itself, get in touch! Send it back, we’re here for you.

We do exciting colours, AND materials.

Sure other filament brands do PLA and ABS in a range of colours, but we do the rainbow of rich deep colours. The colour you see in the photo will be the colour you receive, and that will be the colour of your print.

We do a variety of different 3d print materials too. Our new favourite is an enhanced version of PLA we like to call PLA Plus. It’s the strength of ABS, but prints like PLA.

Looking for a weather resistant version of ABS? Our range of UV resistant ASA will be what you’re looking for. It won’t crack, discolour or yellow overtime in direct sunlight like ABS and other materials will. For the full comparison between ABS and ASA click here. Perfect for that outside project or if you just need weather resistant 3d filament.

Looking for extremely durable 3D filaments?

Our PETG filament is also fast becoming popular. It prints odourless and is extremely durable. Need something that just won’t break? This PETG is the printing material for you. Alternatively if you require something flexible, we have two flexible filaments – elastic TPU and Flexible PLA.

And our personal favourite, is our Nylon 12 filament – we consider this to be the best all-rounder. This high grade of Nylon is very durable, has a low friction coefficient (great for plastic gears or bushings) and has excellent chemical and thermal stability. Need something with more abrasion resistance? Why not try our enhanced Nylon 12 Plus.

If you’re not sure which 3d printing plastic is best for you, click below to get started. We can ask you a few questions based on what you require and make a suggestion as to the best material for you to print with.