Advanced Overview to Improve 3D Print Finish Quality [Infographic]

One of our biggest gripes about 3D printing is that your finished print invariably ends up looking, well... a bit 3D printed. Sometimes that's fine, but other times it's not. Here are our top tips to improve your print quality, condensed into one lovely infographic for you. 

First, we talk about setting up your printer to get the absolute best results from it. Nearly any printer can improve to some degree, although naturally you'll get better prints from a £2000 printer than a £200 printer. 

Then we explain what to look out for with your materials: how to check they're still good, and how to spot a filament-related finish quality issue. 

Finally, we review our favourite post-print finishing techniques to get that really special finish, giving your prints a quality, mass-produced feel to them. Whether you print for your own business, want to impress your nephew with some shinier toys, or you're just working on a promotion - we've got your back. 

Let us know what you think of these tips in the comments below. We have more details on these tips on various sections of the site. 

NEW: Due to many asking us to buy this as a poster, you can now get it here as a full colour high quality poster to pin up next to your 3D printer!


Advanced 3D Printing Finishing Techniques

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