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This isn’t the end, we’re just evolving...

Dear Loyal Customer,

We’ve loved serving you; our loyal, creative and passionate customers for 5 years now (and it’s been a blast!) but the industry is changing. And so must we.

With huge companies such as BASF and Mitsubishi entering the 3D filament polymers market at the high end, their massive research and development resources will make competition extremely fierce in the not too distant future.

This is a good thing however, as their truly innovative products will revolutionize the FDM (FFF) 3D printing market - and we’re excited to see what they come up with for extremely specialist and exciting applications.

And at a lower price point, disruptive companies like Prusa Research are stepping in with extremely affordable filaments made to a very dependable standard.

For these reasons, as you know it is now ceasing to supply filaments to the 3D printing world.

We’re not leaving though, far from it.

Read on to find out how we’ll continue to provide massive value to the 3D printing community.
This increased competition combined with our own rising raw material costs has slowly squeezed our margins where we can no longer grow and remain profitable.

That, combined with irregular raw material supply issues has forced us to re-evaluate our current business model.
While we still believe we currently supply the world's most reliable filament, we cannot viably guarantee this going forward. And that is not acceptable to us, or our customers.

Sure, I could have sold the company so a lower quality manufacture could supply under the trusted brand, or cheapened the supply ourselves to claw back profits.

While these are unfortunately both common courses of action in similar situations, they’re extremely dishonest and an option I refused to entertain.

So if you’re you’re one of our many customers who have depended on us, it’s with my regret and sincere apologies that we are not able to feed your printers any longer.

This is sad news - but ceasing’s filament offering was the only option that sat right with me.

Read on for other questions and answers regarding product warranties and any other issues.

What are we doing instead?

Well, we’re certainly not disappearing.

While serving thousands of our customers over the last 5 years, we accidentally created the most comprehensive set of training and service guidelines for FDM printer operators in known existence.

Who’d have thought it?

Processes outlined for virtually every 3D printer issue imaginable have been created to allow our knowledgeable experts to systematically help customers improve their results.

It’s been our not-so-secret weapon to combat weak, ugly prints from unreliable machines.

Though we sold 3D printer filament, often the most impactful product we delivered was in fact our relentless approach to ensure each customer reached printing perfection (& reliably!).

And in honesty, this is what we enjoyed the most.
Customers coming to us with a problem, often in despair, and we’d hold their hand to get their printer setup and profiles tuned to perfection.

Nine times out of ten it wouldn’t even be anything to do with our filament, but we knew how to get them fixed up, so we did.
But this is only helping people re-actively, waiting until the problem arose. For many, it feels like you’re stuck on a constant treadmill of seemingly unrelated print failures and imperfections.

If that’s you, then you’re not alone.

We wanted to truly combat this.

So we created a complete, comprehensive 3D printing results acceleration program. Based on providing everything I wish was available when I first started printing, and much more.

Back then, I had two problems.

  1. I didn’t truly understand all the concepts of 3D printing, the technicalities or how they all relate to each other. Like how there are actually 6 core factors that can influence stringing. It’s not always as simple as “increase retraction”. And what do all those slicer settings mean, anyway?

  2. I didn’t know where or how to get specific advice for my prints from an authority, with step by step detail. It was hard (read: impossible) to get accurate feedback on how to improve my prints, on my printer, with my exact filament, with my settings.

So we created the complete training & feedback suite designed with the sole purpose of accelerating your 3D printing success.
Become the master of your 3D printer and start getting perfect prints, 100% reliably.
This is our brand new training and mentorship package designed to accelerate your 3D printing results, without hassle, head scratching or frustration. Follow along as we show you how to correctly setup, operate and troubleshoot your way to 3D printing success.

"Where do I even start?"
- We never begin a print until the bed is truly level and these main 3 areas of the printer are correctly configured.

"What effects what?"
- We strip back the common nonsense misconceptions and break down exactly which parameters directly (and indirectly) affect each other.

"How can I improve reliability?"
- Discover the 4 hidden reliability killers lurking in your existing setup and how to fix them before they ruin your next print. Turn your printer into a rock solid, 100% reliable and productive tool.

"What do all these slicer settings mean?"
- Unlock your printers true potential by understanding the vast arsenal of clever slicer features you didn't even know about. Like reducing printing time while improving part strength AND reducing material usage. It pays to really know your way around the software.

"How do I improve finish quality?"
- Now you have a reliable machine, you'll get access to our formula for fine tuning the surface finish of your prints so they actually look professional and whole lot less "3D printed".

"How should I troubleshoot problems if they arise?"
- While following our correct setup will preemptively stop 90% of the issues you'll face, you may still need to troubleshoot occasionally. Learn what to do and exactly how to do it, or just ask your expert mentor who will personally guide you through your specific issue.
It’s all covered in our training suite of concise, comprehensive video courses, deep-dive masterclasses, follow-along checklists and worksheets (with STLs to print along).
We even cover Slicers extensively, currently with over 4 hours and 42 minutes of Slicer training focusing on Cura, Simplify3D and shortly Prusa Slicer.

This is not a couple of random ‘top tips’ videos. That information can be found anywhere. This is a suite of processes we’ve honed over the last few years to allow anyone to achieve 3D printing perfection.

With unbeatable technical support to match. Any printer, any material, and STL file. We have combined decades of experience to help you.

This allows us to guarantee you results. You’ll get the exact feedback and step by step help you need to improve your prints.

Not someone else's who has a ‘similar’ problem. It’s all about solving your issues and getting your prints looking fantastic.
💌 My invitation to you as a valued customer…

Try our complete training suite, on me:


Because we’ve put everything into the Institute of 3D printing, and I want to make sure you see that AND start getting results before you pay a penny.

Try the courses, the bonus content, the slicer trainings and even get your 1-on-1 expert help.

That’s because the Institute is all about YOU getting results. That’s the goal here, and to help the most people I can, I need to make it accessible.

That’s why I want to invite you to take the suite for a test drive at my expense, not yours.

No risk, no tie-ins or contracts

If after you’ve sampled the Institute you don’t love it, I urge you not to pay. You can cancel before the 14 days are up, and you won’t be charged.

No awkward questions or hassle if you choose to cancel.

All I ask is that you really dive in and experience all the membership has to offer. Reach out to our friendly experts, take notes on the training, really get some solid value from the Institute during your trial.

That way even if you choose to cancel you’ve at least got something useful from it.

And after the 14 days? If you ever want to cancel going forward, you can do at any point. You’re not tied down and can leave any time you wish.

Our motivation to keep you a member should purely be through wowing you with the service and training materials we provide and never through underhand ‘contractual’ agreements.

Get access to the Institute of 3D Printing today 👇


  • The Complete, Confusion-Free Guide to 3D Printing Mastery Course
  • Our Hyper-Detailed Foundation & Advanced Slicer Trainings
  • In-Depth Step by Step Masterclasses
  • Bonus Content Including Tools & Hard-to-find Resources
  • UNLIMITED 1-on-1 Technical Support From Our Experts

And my gift to you…

Get Our Beautiful 112 page Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide eBook – Worth $14.95, Absolutely FREE

And Get to Keep It Even If You Choose To Cancel

Get 14 Days FREE Access to The Institute of 3D Printing Today

FAQs for ceasing offering filament:

  • How long do I have left to order?
We’re not producing anymore filament now (except for large special orders) so you’re best placing your last orders sooner rather than later. Stocks are extremely limited.
  • Will there be a closing down sale?
We have some items on sale already, but for many of the core lines demand is out stripping supply so we will not have surplus inventory to offer at sale prices.

There may be some less popular colours in some materials left towards the end when we do a final clear-out, but we’re unaware yet what those will be, if any.
  • What about your 60 day guarantee?
These will still be honored after your purchase (unless a sale item) where a return for refund is still eligible, where our standard terms apply.

The team will still be together, providing service to 3D printerers - just not with filament. So you’ll still be able to get support on any filament related issues just like you do now.

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