Support Filaments Support 3D Printer Filaments 1.75mm

Got a 3D Printer with 2 (or more) extruders? Why not get creative with some support materials, the complexity will only be limited by your imagination. We have two varieties of support filaments HIPS and PVA. HIPS has similar printing properties to ABS, but is great as a support filament as it can be easily dissolved using Limonene as the solvent. Whereas PVA is cold water soluble. PVA comes in 500g spools, HIPS come in 1KG  spools and both are available in 10 meter samples.

Your filament is produced to exact specifications with an industry-leading diameter tolerance of just 0.03mm+/- and is perfectly round. This along with our strict use of only pure raw materials (no saw-dust or other contaminants) guarantees perfect prints. You won’t find a HIPS or PVA nicer to print with than – that’s what our customers tell us. It’s also our promise, we’re the only 3D Printer Filament company to offer a no quibble 60-day money back guarantee.

For our HIPS you'll want to use a heated bed at a temperature of around 50C - 60C. Best extrusion temp is around 220C-230C depending on speed. Our PVA extrudes best at around 190C - 200C.

PVA Soluble Support 3D Printer Filament
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Break-Away 3D Printer Support Filament
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HIPS 1.75mm 3D Printer Filament
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