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Become a Brand Ambassador

Get paid to share with your following!

The basics:

Do you have a following on social media, a 3D printing blog, Youtube channel or other audience? If so, you might want to get onboard with our affiliate program to help get the name out there.

We’ll pay you up to 15% commission for each sale you send us! No one pays higher in our industry. We think it's better to pay influencers the money they deserve instead of paying that money we would spend in advertising to the big business giants!

It’s the best way we can support our brand ambassadors to help them spread the word about us.


The perks:

  • 10-15% commission on all orders made from anyone visiting our website through your custom link.
  • 30-day cookie tracking on each visitor. An order they place within 30 days of you referring them will earn you commission.
  • Use of all images on our site (literature to be used by permission only).
  • New products nearly monthly for you to promote.
  • Your own easy to use dashboard to track your earnings.
  • Exclusive FREE tester samples for influencers. *Must have referred at least 5 sales before eligible.


Get started:

  1. Click this link to sign up.
  2. Add your custom link to your Facebook profile, Instagram bio or Youtube videos.
  3. Share photos of your own prints with, or choose from our social media channels (please give credit to the original sharer of the image if not
  4. Start earning 10% commission for all sales you send us!


Commission structure:

Get up to 15% commission level by referring just 2 orders per day!


Orders each month

Earnings % of sale











Here's all the FAQ's:

Does it cost money to become an affiliate?

No, never! It’s completely free to join, and naturally free to leave – if you wish. 

How much money can I make as a Brand Ambassador/Affiliate?

There’s no limit! We will pay you for each sale you generate. Here’s a reminder of the commission thresholds: 

Standard: 1-29 sales in a calendar month: 10% Commission
Silver:       30-59 sales in a calendar month: 12.5% Commission
Gold:         60+ sales in a calendar month: 15% Commission

How long does each affiliate tracking cookie last?

We extend our tracking cookies to last 30 days. This means if a visitor clicks on your link, you’ll earn commission as long as the visitor places an order within the next 30 days. 

What are the requirements for becoming an affiliate?

Almost anyone can join! Providing we’ve confirmed the channels you’ll be sharing us on that your general content and message is genuine – that is; no inappropriate content (see below) and definitely no spamming.

Generally you may promote and our products on any website or social media account. For legal, ethical, and other various reasons, reserves the right to refuse certain websites and social media accounts, including those that contain the following:

  • Sexually explicit materials 
  • Violence
  • Discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age
  • Illegal activities 
  • Youth-endangering material
  • Racist or sexist content
  • Intellectual property infringement of others
  • Behaviour which we may belief to be spam like or overly-forceful promotion. 

What is required to continue being a Affiliate?

We expect you to be actively promoting our content and products at least on a weekly basis. You should be driving traffic through your links within 14 days of signing up and being approved with our Brand Ambassador Program to remain an active affiliate.   While it’s not required that you’ve used filament before promoting, we strongly advise it. 

You’ll make a better connection with your audience if you’re promoting something you truly believe in.  For that reason, all affiliates that promote at least 5 sales within the first 60 days of signing up can receive a free brand ambassador testing pack. This will include up to 5 samples of your choice, maximum limit of 1 x Carbonyte sample.

If you would like to try out before you've reached 5 sales, you can order a free sample or a multi testing pack. 

Are there any restrictions to promotional methods for affiliates?

At no time is it acceptable to represent yourself as a team member (employee, owner etc.) or otherwise lead others to believe is your business. You’re welcome to refer to yourself as an affiliate, or Brand Ambassador for though.

Are there any products not eligible for commission with your affiliate program?

At current, our Club product is not eligible for commission as this is a monthly recurring payment option and handled by another payment service. 

Do you accept payout methods other than PayPal?

At present Paypal is our only payout method. If you are unable to use PayPal at all, you may contact us to request Bank Transfer or Bitcoin at our discretion. 

How do I get paid and how often?

Credits to your Affiliate account are accumulated and paid out on the following schedule:

  • Commissions are paid out on the last Friday of each month.
  • You must accumulate £25 in commissions before a payout can be made.
  • Payments will be delivered by PayPal.

Can I use images from, Twitter and from the Instagram account

Absolutely! Please be sure to give credit to the original poster on any images that are not owned by You must ask before copying any written copy from our website, including segments of articles and product descriptions – Google penalises duplicate content.

Can I create my own images and graphics to promote

Sure, you’re welcome to. Where possible we can even provide higher res files that we use existing online to help. Please remember to be clear to communicate that you’re an Affiliate or Brand Ambassador though, not a direct representative of 

I don't live in the UK. Can I still participate?

Sure, we accept UK, European and US based referrals. If your country isn’t included, just ask and we may still be able to add you. 

Where can I see orders placed through my links?

Head to your Brand Embassodor Account and click "Orders" in the menu.

Where can I see my commission payments?

Log in to your Brand Embassodor Account and click on "Payments" in the menu.

How long do I have to wait before I’m approved?

All applications are manually processed, so we need time to review your blog/Facebook/Instagram/Youtube channel. It’s usually within a few working days, sometimes much faster. 

What if a customer returns their order for a refund?

We have a very low return rate, well below the industry average. That’s partially due to excellent product quality, but also our aftersales service is second to none.   In the rare instance a refund (either partial or full for whatever reason) is made on an order generated through your affiliate link, the commission owed will be deducted from your current or next payout. 

Can I earn commission for orders I place through my own affiliate link?

No, you won’t. Unfortunately this would be open to abuse by some customers joining the affiliate scheme to effectively get cashback on their orders with no intention of promoting 

How do I send customers to a specific item on

Step 1)  In your affiliate dashboard click on the tab "Link Generator"
Step 2)  Go to and find the product on our website 
Step 3)  Copy the webpage URL for that product
Step 4)  Paste that URL into the link generator

Just send this link to send customers directly to the product you are promoting. Simple!


Alternate Method:  Simply add ?aff=(your affiliate # here) to the end of the web address for any page on

For example:     Please your affiliate number where ###.  Your affiliate ID number can be found on your affiliate dashboard at the top right next to your name.

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