Cash for Crap Prints

Cash for Crap (Prints)

Terms & Conditions:

 Hurry - Closing date for entries 1st Feb 2017


  • Must only have one or two (max) causes of the problem for each print. For example please don't send in a print with layer separation, warp, stringing and extrusion issues all in one. You're welcome to send as many different individual failure prints: i.e one of stringing, one of warp, one of poor bed adhesion (spaghetti).
  • Only one of each failure type can be sent by one person. e.g you cannot send 5 prints all with layer separation (well you could, but we'd only pay for the one we end up using). If you have several to pick from, send in the best example of that fault to get the best chance of us using your failure and paying you £10. 
  • Postage cannot be reimbursed, so this works best if you're in the UK but international entries are welcome too. 
  • Prints can made from or other brands. Although if it's a fault with our filament, we want to know about it (as usual). 
  • This is to create an comprehensive help guide. So please explain the cause of the failure on a note with your print. We're pretty good at spotting what's caused what, but it's much easier if you can tell us. If you're not sure, just take a photo and email it to us beforehand and we can acknowledge if we know the solution or not. 
  • Prints must weigh a minimum of 15g. We can't have them too small - we need to take detailed photos of them!
  • Please package your failed prints well - we need failures, not breakages!  
  • Prints from 3D Pens not accepted, must be from an FDM based 3D printer.


Examples of what we're looking for:

  • Different materials, composites, more exotic stuff the better. PLA and ABS still welcome though.
  • Overheating issues
  • Under extrusion / Weak infill / Stopped extruding mid-print
  • Inaccurate size of finished print
  • Layers in the wrong places
  • Stepped edges (when they should be rounded)
  • Stringing or blobbing
  • Gaps in certain areas, or lines / scars in the print
  • Raised or curled edges
  • Cracking and warping
  • Poor detail
  • Gaps in smaller detailed sections
  • Poor surface quality on supports
  • Slicer settings
  • Bed adhesion issues
  • Basically any issue you've had that is recognizable and resolvable! (and if you're not sure if it's resolvable, please just email us to check).


Contact us to give us a heads up of what you're sending in, and for our postal address. Entries after 1st Feb 2017 cannot be considered.

Send your prints to:

Marston House

Walkers Court

Audby Lane


LS22 7FD