Education & Trade Accounts


Trade Accounts


Who applies for a trade account? 

If you're a University, School, College or Business, and expect to order quantities of 3D printer filament requiring credit terms you can apply for a trade account with us.


What credit terms are available? 

If eligible for credit, you'll be authorized to place orders on a standard of 30 days from invoice date. Please note, credit is not guaranteed with all trade accounts and all first orders must be placed pro forma.  


Is there a Minimum Order Quantity required? 

Not to open a standard trade account, however if you are ordering large volumes and wish to inquire about volume discounts, then this is dependent on your typical order size. 


How do I apply? 

No problem - just send us an email requesting an account setup form and we'll get one over to you. Once set up, you can place a purchase order. All purchase orders must be signed by someone qualified to place an order. 

If you are expecting to order larger volumes of filaments regularly, please let us know so we can quote accordingly. 


What happens after I've sent a Purchase Order? 

We'll prepare your order and give you a time-frame for dispatch. If it's your first order, payment must be made up front. If it's a repeat order, and you've been approved for credit, we'll get it dispatched as soon as possible.

If we hold all of the stock at the time of ordering, your order will be dispatched typically within 1 or 2 working days. If there are items that are not in stock, your order may take longer to be dispatched - but we'll give you a time frame. 

Ready to inquire? Click here to request an account setup form today.