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We're hiring for a remote, part-time 3D Printing Technical Support Advisor, please contact us with your application and more details. 

A few things to note about this job:

  • No calls, all email ticket based. You must be able to speak excellent English, though.
  • You should have a good well rounded knowledge of 3D printers, and have direct working experience on at least 5 machines. All other training provided, some customer service experience is beneficial. But you don't need any fancy qualifications.
  • Hours are using inside normal working week hours; Mon-Fri, pretty much 9-5. You can be flexible with your working times, however. The starting hours per week is 5 (just over 20 hours/month) and we can increase once we know things are a good fit. 

There’s never a dull moment, everyone understands what they need to do to make the business a success. The team is small though, so if you’re not contributing it’ll soon show.

What the job consists of:

  • Helping out our customers, through emails and our internal forum.
  • Organizing and building on our current systems (we're always looking for ways to improve how we do things).
  • Helping out with your valued input on our 3D printing related guides, tutorials and other related projects.
  • General admin & proactively completing small tasks.

We're an expanding business so there's plenty of opportunity to grow with us as we grow. With us being a small business, everyone pitches in to help with each others work - so you'll have chance to learn all the areas of the business, if you want to.

You should be:

  • A fast learner. We are looking for a keen desire to learn and a great work ethic. You must be willing to pitch in, help out and be useful.
  • Someone who can prioritize tasks, and work to deadlines (sometimes under pressure).
  • Extremely organised . For this role, this is one of the most important aspects (along with being generally a great human being).
  • The right attitude to giving excellent customer service and being able to explain complicated aspects of 3D printing simply.
  • A reasonably fast typer and you know your way around basic software, like Word, Excel etc.
  • An excellent communicator. You should have a great way with people both verbally and written.
  • Reliable and proactive to completing those extra-mile jobs where the detail makes all the difference.

A slightly technical background or general understanding would also be useful in this role. 

We do things a little bit differently, and the people that work here and the customers we serve love us for it. Please note the first month while you’re in initial training is on UK minimum wage. After training your starting per/hour wage will be dependent on experience and knowledge. 

The starting salary is just that, it's a starting salary. Do well, and you will have the potential to grow as the business does.

To apply:

Email us and respond to Ed explaining why you'd love to work with us. Applications without this won't be considered. What we are impressed by is a keen drive to learn, do well, contribute to something growing and learn fast. Sound like you?

Then tell us about yourself.

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