If you've dealt with us before, and from our jolly attitude and near-German efficiency you came to the conclusion that we're a fun place to work - well, you'd be right. 

That's because we are a fun place to work. And we're not just saying that because this is the jobs page on our site, and we want you to want to work with us. Oh no, we're saying that because we've got a gun to our heads we love what we do.


We love inspiring and helping people create reality from visions. 


Our Core Values

Our core values - we live and die by these

We're a hard working, tight knit team that says boo to office politics, micro-managers or letting each other down. 

If that sounds like something you can get onboard with, read on to see if we have vacancies. To apply, please email a cover letter explaining why you'd be a great fit with your CV to us. 


- Part time Customer Service Ninja (approx 15-20 hours/week)

We're looking for someone to join our customer service team. You must have extensive knowledge of 3D printers already, and a deep burning desire to help others. All customer services training will be provided, so on the job experience is not required. 

You must be competent using a computer, good grammar and have an excellent understanding of 3D printing. 

Working times can be flexible, and if you're not near Wetherby then you also have the option to work from home. To apply, read as above and put an X at the beginning of your email. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!