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Best PLA tried

Fairly new to 3d printing and have tried a few other makes. About six months ago I finally tried Rigid Inks PLA filament and with a few adjustments (more my printer set up than anything else) my prints are coming out spot on. Durability has really been tested as a lot of my prints are for custom geocaches hidden outdoors. Not only does it handle intricate designs but also a lot of handling by finders (hinges etc stand up well) and are continuously exposed to the elements. Now it's my go-to filament for printing.

Does what it says on the spool

I wasted many hours trying to dial in the spool of PLA that came with my printer (Ender 3) as a special offer and any combination of temps/speeds gave either poor quality prints or total failures...Not encouraging for a newbie like me.
After a long search for reviews and recomendations for a UK based supplier I was brought here to Rigid Ink.....The amount of information and support available here convinced me to order a spool of PLA with a money back promise.........and you can keep my money, the filament dialed in on my second attempt, stuck to the stock Ender 3 bed @40 deg but slight underextrusion @ 180 deg on my printer upping to 185 deg gave, for me a perfect print.
The Ender 3 may not be the best printer on the planet but, given some good quality feedstock...I have to say without any changes from the factory Rigid ink is the best upgrade.

Thanks for taking the time to leave this positive review Dave.

I'm really glad to hear your happy and enjoying printing with your

I would love to see any photos of your finished prints!

All the best,
blue TPU

Thanks for your inquiry. Am still evaluating the blue TPU but from my prints so far I am finding that the AMBIENT temperature has a noticeable effect on surface print quality. On a warm day (ambient temp in the mid to high 20s) surface quality is much better than at lower ambient temps especially if the item being printed is more than 2cm tall. At low ambient temps the first 2cm print well (as as the temp of the item is close to the heated bed temp) but as the print's height increases the print surface gets rougher. To overcome this problem I am constructing a cabinet for the printer to keep the print area at a constant ambient temp of around 25 to 30 degrees C. I'll keep you informed in due course of my findings once the cabinet has been completed. Am pretty sure this will solve the problem. The TPU prints well on my Creality at 212 deg C.
This cabinet should also benefit PLA printing now that the colder weather is here. Regards Peter Martin

Hi Peter,

Thanks for leaving this review and letting us know how you got on with your PLA. Sorry that you've had rough finishes on a few of your prints.

It sounds like you've got a promising solution though, good idea to build a surrounding cabinet.

Do let us know how that works out for you and if you have any comments or queries, get in touch again.

All the best,

Flexible PLA 1.75mm 3D Printer Filament

Mylar Resealable Metallic Bag

These metallic lined bags a great for keeping my filament dry between cycles in a food dehydrater. I also put several colour changing desiccant in the bags. I use a marker to label the bags. My 18 month old filaments are back to printing like new with no popping or poor layers. I have 15 of these bags now, placed 2 orders of 5 at once and rigid. Ink posted in one and refunded one of the postage charges. Rigid. Ink customer satisfaction is great and super fast items arrived next working day!

ASA 3mm filament. Perfect prints every time

My favourite filament to date. Really good prints in a material that can be used for working parts. Admittedly, I do have an enclosure to protect the print from sudden temperature changes. The only downside is that there are only two colours available in 3mm filament.

Hi John,

Thanks for leaving us a review.

It's great to hear that our ASA has made you some good working parts.

Thanks also for letting us know that you'd like to see more colours.

I've made a note of this.

Let us know if you have any more comments or queries.

Best of luck with your printing!

All the best,

3D Filament Mini Multipacks 1.75mm for Testing

Best Pla I’ve used to date !

Ok so I’ve had my 3D printer for around a year I’ve tried meany different brands but after ordering a few samples from rigidink I’ve stuck with them ever since!! There’s a reason why it cost more

Great filament

I had a bit of a problem with the green filament then moved my nozzle up and now works great

Rigid Ink ASA is, so far, the best filament I have used!

I believe I am using my 3rd roll of this filament, right now. I use it to print parts for a client, that are used in some kind of machinery to hold sensors. I appreciate the easyness and constancy of the results I get.

That 3rd roll is not going to be the last!

White PLA

Only used a couple of different filaments I had no problems printing this no issues at all you can tell it's a quality filament this is the second lot of PLA I have tried from and planning my third purchase

Good but a little hard to start

I printed a few things with it and still got quite a bit. But the dice I printed wasn't very good but it dose roll better than a hard pla dice.

Hi Deacon,

Thanks for taking the time to leave this positive review and I'm glad you like your Flexible PLA.

We have our technical specialists on hand to help not only when things go wrong but also to get your prints perfectly tuned in, It's no coincidence that our customers get some of the nicest looking prints out there.

Please get in touch if you're not getting the results you want and I can help you get your print looking perfect.

Keep up the great work!

All the best,
Perfect! This saved me a lot of money

This stuff is amazing as at first I didn’t believe you could print floss but it worked and saved my loads on buying a new swis-all metal nozzle. Thanks rigid ink!

Flash red TPU

I brought the "flash red" but it took a few months to actually get round to using it. At last, I have got round to trying it out. First of all, these are the settings I used. I have a Hictop i3 clone although quite heavily modified. I have swapped the original hot end for a bowden type and using an E3D lite v6 hot end.

For the Rigid ink TPU I looked on the box and it said the hot end should be from 210c and the bed should be set at 60c. If you do a lot of printing you know how your own set up works so I decided to try printing at 220c for the hot end and 60 on the bed.
I use my own bed adhesive that I developed myself, but this TPU sticks really well I have found. In fact, I tested this out on a clean piece of glass that was cleaned and wiped over with nail varnish remover then allowed to dry and the test print stuck very well and was easy to get off.

I set the speed to 30mm/s with no part cooling and I turned off retraction. This TPU prints beautifully the layers are fused together really well and the outside wall looks neat and very tidy. I love this stuff its so easy to print with the bottom layer is like glass.

I use Octoprint on this particular printer and I made a TPU profile that I use for this filament. This means I have to select it from the list and on one print I was doing I forgot to select the TPU profile and used the default PLA one instead the hot end temp was 210c bed was 50c. The retraction was on at 6mm at 40mm/s and print speed was 40mm/s. Surprisingly it hardly made a difference to the finished object I was really happy because it means there is room for error in the print.

All in all, I think Rigid Ink TPU is one of the best TPUs I have ever used. It is different because it allows for a little human error and still comes out looking great. This allows for repeatability in your printing which makes us happier makers :O)

I will definitely be buying more of this stuff as I have much more testing and some big parts to print off.

Hi Duncan,

Thanks for taking the time to share this positive review and your settings.

I'm really glad you like your TPU and your prints are looking fantastic!

Keep up the great work and let me know if there is anything I can help with.

All the best,
They are fantastic!

If your looking for some simple bags to keep you filament dry, clean and out of the sun you can't get much better. Just pop a silica gel packet in there and your sorted!

Like blowing the printers nose

This stuff is amazing! I wish I had it when I started 3d printing, no more blow torching my blocked nozzles hopefully ;)

Best cleaning filament

I’ve tried many other ‘cleaning’filaments before. They are usually just a nylon based filament. And usually they cause a clog worse than what pla can. I decided to try this cleaning filament and im glad i did. It really does work. Once the filament started flowing through the nozzle, i was amazed at just how much old, burned filament was stuck to it. And i just cleaned the nozzle ( or so i thought) a few days prior! I will definitely be back for more of this cleaning filament!

Great natural and color filament

The natural is really nice along with translucent red and a very nice gold (not yellow).

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for taking the time to leave this positive review.

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your PLA :)

Keep up the great work and please let me know if there is anything I can help with.

All the best
PLA Trans Red

Amazing, not had any issues with any of pla products. Highly recommend. Also customer support is top notch as well. Keep up the good work


This stuff works well, cleared the rubbish that was in the hotend

Very useful

Fit the 1kg spools really well, tight enough to keep most of the air out and the seal closes tightly


The spools were ok but I found it hard because I had to wind it by hand from one spool to another

Simply Brilliant

In short it is the only filament I use... you get exactly what you pay for, good reliable filament always

Simply the best

I’ve had my printer for about 8 months an tried a different brand every pla reel id got.. yes it’s expensive but I will no longer be trying other brands this stuffs but far the best finish I’ve come across.

It's better than some filaments

My first print came off the bed while making and blobed my second was alot better after changing temperatures and still a few blobs im going to keep on testing it to get a proper result though prices I think are way to high. If. Prices where lower I would buy.

Hi Deacon,

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review,

Please let me know if you would like our technical specialist to take a look at this for you, they may be able to help resolve this issue for you.

All the best
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