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Once you get settings sorted, this can be great

At first I struggled with some bed adhesion and so much stringing. This will vary from printer to printer (Ender-3) but with some research, I got there in the end. Really happy with it and already ordered more!

Just great.

Great filament. Printing at 203 degrees and 60mm/s. Loving the strength of the final product.


My printer has a maximum extruder temperature of 250 degrees and the heated bed can reach 70 so I didn’t think I would be able to print Nylon. I took advantage of my Rigid Ink points and free sample just to experiment and I am so happy I did.
Sticks well to my Lokbuild, and for me this is a game changer. Very tough with a bit of flex, it really opens up a wealth of design possibilities. Sorry to ramble but I am very impressed.
(First Nylon print on the right, no clean up, straight off of the bed)

Floss™ - Superior Cleaning Filament

Printing screw threads

I have used the PLA Plus+ for printing a number of mountings and adaptors for an optical lab. In particular adaptor rings for filters and mid infra red lenses. The slight elasticity of the polymer allows split rings to be expanded around filters and then snap back to secure then. The most impressive to me is that I can print fine microscope threads that will screw to metal threads on other parts, both internal and external, some with 0.5mm thread pitch. There are so many different fine threads used that being able to print them is a great benifit. I have tried standard PLA before but find that makes threads too brittle and also seems to bind too much. I use an Ultimaker 2+ and fine the PLA Plus+ to feed well and print very reliable with good bed adhesion on the clean glass for large area prints and using a little glue for small and tall prints.

Rigid Ink comes through BIG

There are not enough words to express my thanks to Rigid Ink and especially Susi, Technical Specialist. I 3D print various functional parts for a 24/7 manufacturing operation. My need for a recent project was an extremely tough part that could put up with a lot of abuse. To complicate matters, this part is designed for dual extrusion and is very large measuring 250X100X75mm. The project required a Nylon 12/TPU combination.
I found everything about Rigid Ink to be outstanding: The website was chock full of useful information, well organized and ordering was a breeze. The materials arrived perfectly and innovatively packaged and prompt.
What I quickly discovered was my part in Nylon would not be easy. I reached out to Rigid Ink’s support e-mail hoping for a couple quick tips. What I got was support simply far and away better than any other company I have ever dealt with in my 30 years in manufacturing. Susi held my hand from start to finish recognizing my misguided settings, predicting potential issues, and offering a multitude of helpful advice. I immediately felt at ease with the “been-there-done-that” feedback on my issues and her real-world suggestions. Susi knows the theory and she has applied it to real world printing solutions.

We tried all the easy things and some difficult potential solutions to my issues: adhesion to the bed being the biggest one. Nothing seemed to be working but Susi never gave up on me. Her patient approach to continue working the issues was much appreciated and, I’m happy to say, eventually resulted in my first draft of the part being a success! Like all things, there is room for improvement in my part, but with all the hard-won tips and tricks Susi willingly shared from her printing background I am confident that future printing sessions will result in even better parts!
I absolutely recommend Rigid Ink for your material needs and look forward to working with their materials for many projects and years to come!

First use

Bronze Gold couldn't have come at a better time. Used it to make a model of a "hand print" angel my son made at primary school, that the dog nabbed off the tree and bit a finger off!

Filament extrudes really nicely and at a lower temperature than what I have being using, 185 gave me great results on my Ender 3.

Happy with it, happy with the Club and already looking forward to getting more filament to try next month!


I wasn't sure when i first signed up to the club but after the first two months i never thought about leaving it.
It gives you a chance to try different colors and types of filament depending what you go for with the club. I know its given me filaments i would have never thought to try and now i cant wait to get more of them.
At times you also get to try a little something new from Rigid.Ink before everyone else which is always nice.

Give the club ago for a month or two and i'm sure you will love it.

Top class

Order arrived quickly and printed perfectly. Samples were for a variety of “Christmassy” spectacles for an opticians window display. Happy customer!

Floss Did the Trick!

Was impressed! Had a few extrusion issues on changing to different filaments! Gave this a go to clear out nozzle, and had no further problems! Will make it part of my filament change routine from now on!!!!

Flexible PLA

Great filament for flexible parts, have to print it very slow if using bowden extruder (e.g. Creality CR-10) 15mm/sec works for me. But results are then superb.

Good, but not for me

I decided to give the PLA+ a try on my Anycubic i3 Mega. I should add, that the i3 has been a pain since I bought it as it has a warped build plate, which has limited the area I can successfully build anything in. Levelling the machine has been a nightmare. I had been using the PLA that came with the machine while I tried to get things working.

Having done so, I decided it was time to try something better, and gave a sample of the PLA+, in blue a try and I noticed a difference immediately.

The plastic flowed from the nozzle more freely and cleanly. I could see a difference in detail achieved with the print.

I didn't manage to do a lot with the sample and there was a bit a a problem, where I had some 'bobbling' which will be down to temperature setting I am sure.

However, I have decided not to go any further with this material, as I had a sample of red PLA waiting which I started to use insted.

Pla plus my new favourite filament.

I love this filament. There was a bit of trial and error with my printer as the bed needs to be hot enough for good adhesion (sticks well to print brite +) but not to much to overpower the additional cooling needed. The results are great. Well worth a little experimentation, after all this is 3d printing.

Would benefit from space to write the color and type of plastic

I'm overall pleased with the bags; they're an appropriate size and seal and open readily. But, they would be even better if there were a place on the each bag where we could identify the filament by color and type.

TPU 1.75 & Nylon 1.75

the filaments worked beautifully with high accuracy.

Best filaments I have ever worked with.

First of all I am still getting great quality prints, so these comments about the Masterspool filament are niggles rather than show stoppers. When it arrived it was *not* vacuum packed, as a result a bend test showed it broke more easily than the standard reel mounted fare. The outer end was marked with a piece of masking tape, but I had to search for the inner end. Unlike the Masterspool video on Thingieverse (different supplier) the end was not positioned in the correct place to clip into the Masterspool and had to be trimmed to fit.

I will definitely be buying again. Love the sweets, but not sure that my waist line agrees.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for taking the time to leave this review. and I'm glad to hear you're getting great quality prints.

I may be able to explain why your refill wasn't vacuum sealed, there was a technical issue with this in our factory so we made a decision that it would be much better to place them in the Mylar resealable bags with an active desiccant.

I can confirm that future batches will be vacuum sealed like our other spools.

As for finding the inner end and getting it to clip in place do you have any suggestions on how we can make this an easier process?

We could also mark the inner end with tape, do you feel this would help?

I really appreciate you taking the time to give us this feedback as we can't improve if we don't know the issues :)

All the best,
looks to be good

I am new to 3d printing, and so far the materials and advice I have been given has been very good.

Flexi PLA on a QiDi

I found the flexi PLA an awful lot easier to use than TPU using the standard QiDi x-pro. The TPU tended to have more feed problems although with both using the lighter 300g spool made a big difference.
I love Rigidink products.

Mylar Resealable Metallic Bag

I have found these bags to be extremely useful and durable for storing my filament. I place the filament in the bag with a package of silica gel, suck as much air out as possible, then place it in an air-tight plastic container. Well worth it for the few minutes it takes as so far I've never had a problem with damp filament even after months of storage.

Excellent "rigid" flexible filament

I bought this (natural white) flexible filament as it seemed to be one of the more rigid ones out there and I only needed a bit of flex in my project. And wow, I have to admit that I am impressed! Extreme layer-bonding and good flex (shore hardness 55D seems to be right). I printed on a Prusa i3 MK3 (direct drive) with no modifications at 30 mm/s, 3 mm retraction and only a tiny bit of stinging which was easy to clean up.

I seriously consider to use this for the major parts of my project as the stiffness (and corresponding brittle nature) of PLA and PETG is really not that useful for most projects. And the toughness of this filament means that the wall thickness (and thus total mass and used filament) can probably be reduced significantly as compared to PLA/PETG versions of the same printed objects.

I expect that bridging and overhangs might be more difficult with this filament although a have not tested it.

Simply Effective

Used this recently when switching from PETG to PLA. Worked a treat, could really see bits of the prior filament coming out even after the initial colour change and I only used a small amount.

PA 12+FG vs PA12+ CF

hi PA12 + FG is a great filament - easy to print the objects are rigid and stiff with a level of flexibility the PA12 + FC is stiff not so flexible and breaks easy so between the two filaments i other vote for PA12+ FG great material for end parts

My experience with Rigid Ink!

I'm currently trying out loads of different filaments and I have to say that so far I'm very pleased. Service is very good and would definitely recommend them.

Hi Fred, I'm so glad you're enjoying your PLA plus. Thanks for the review. Hope printing continues to go well. Rosie
Feels like SLS printing

This is the best filament I have tried so far. Very easy to print for what it is and very, very tough, even against the layer direction. It has a kind of raw aspect but you can sand it for a smoother feel. You will get functional pieces that feel like made in SLS. I only wish it would be cheaper.

Hi Miguel, Thank you for this review. I'm so glad you're pleased with your filament. You're right, a lot of the filaments do look great after smoothing. Feel free to share any photos of any prints you're particularly proud of. I love seeing what our customers print. All the best, Rosie
Master filament

As I have come to know great filament as all ways and now a little bit shipper

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