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Awesome stuff - once you get the first layer down

This is high quality filament, but it took me a little bit of time to dial in my settings. Unfortunately I was battling several issues at the same time so trying to rule them out took time. Here they are, and what I did about it.

First layer adhesion - there were several problems here:

1) I'm not used to having my bed heat so low. I initially tried with 45 (maximum suggested). This resulted in bubbling and in general was just not nice. I'm now printing without any heat at all.
2) I could not get this stuff to stick to Kapton tape. I removed that and used a thin layer of Pritt stick. It works - almost too well.
3) Extruder temperature. Suggested range is 180-210. I'm using 190 and that may even be too high. I'm not used to that either

Another issue for me was that I needed to apply a 1.05 - 1.1x extrusion multiplier. This is very likely more to do with my printer calibration than anything.

With all that sorted this stuff prints like a champ. I guess this review is more about my battle to set up my printer as I'm not used to such low temps (extruder or bed). So if you're having issues - start at the low end, and use a pritt stick ;-)

Super amazing!

I couldn't be happier. Not only is Rigid Ink better than the stuff I was using before but the Floss helps to get rid of the previous filaments rubbish aftertaste resulting in some of the best prints I have ever seen on my little Monoprice 13+

ASA Prints Amazing

We have recently switched to Rigid INK ASA on our zortrax machines because the quality is outstanding and prints perfect every time.

Being a UK 3D print farm cost is a major factor for us and rigid ink fits perfect for price and guaranteed successful prints

Express Prototype LTD

Hi There,
Thanks for taking the time to write this positive review.
Your print looks fantastic and I'm glad you like the overall quality of :)
Keep up your great work!

All the best
Top quality filament

This is some of the best filament I have used on my printer

Fantastic filament and service

I have been playing around with 3D printing for a while and have two cheap printers, a CTC and a CR10. I got the RI PLA+ to get some better strenght in some parts and what a filament it turned out to be! Easy to print and very good overall performance. I am extremely pleased with the service and delivery times even though I live in Sweden, shipment cost could always be lower but its not a big deal when the product performs as the Rigid Ink filaments does. I have also used the Nylon 12 and PET-G from RI. Tougher to dial in and get the right settings but when you are their the results are fantastic. Big thumbs up from me! Keep up the good work!

Mylar Resealable bags

Unfortunately despite the very prompt service, the Mylar bags are to small for 200mm spools which are the standard from most suppliers.

Hi Andy,

Thanks for taking the time to write a review.

Our Mylar bags are specifically designed to fit spool of this size: 20cm dia, 7cm width, 5.6cm dia spool hole.

It is purposefully designed to be very tight, so there is as little air left as possible when sealed to prevent any moisture damage.

I understand it is not the easiest to put in, but make sure you open the bottom of the bag wide before pushing the spool in.

This bag will fit most of the available 1kg spools on the market.

I hope this helps, please let me know if you managed to put it in.

All the best

Floss™ - Superior Cleaning Filament

Everybody needs to buy this filament!!!

Wow, just.... wow.

Firstly it arrived the day after I ordered it, and shipping was only £3. Thanks!

Secondly, this stuff is crazy strong! I printed a normal sized benchy torture test on my original Prusa i3 MK2S (which it handled like a champ btw), and it took all my strength to snap the roof away from the body. It also looked amazing, being really translucent. My nozzle was at 295C and my bed at 120C, and I used an enclosure with an ambient temperature of 38-40C and humidity at 10-15%.

I had some difficulty with warping, but it was readily resolved with some blue masking tape, glue stick and a shorter distance between the nozzle and the bed for the first layer. Many thanks to metacollin on the forums for providing solid settings. Go check it out:

Keeps filament clean and dry

I liked these very much, they have kept lots of filament safe and dry, so much so I went out and ordered several more.

The Best PLA I have Used

The Rigid Ink PLA is the best PLA I have used. I have printed over 100 Kg of PLA from other suppliers and have always found the Rigid Ink PLA to be much better quality, The thickness is very consistent, colours between reals is amazing and it prints a lower temperature.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the time to leave this positive review!

I'm glad you are enjoying printing with :)

Keep up your great work and let me know if there's anything I can help with

All the best
exelllent nozzle cleanter

I ran about 4 inches of this through my ender 3 after finishing a kilo of filament, it cleaned the nozzle very well, taking small jagged pieced of unmelted plastic and specs of carbon out.
I found it best you use (for pla cleaning) at about 220'
When cleaned but before your print your next item its best to run a little of the new filament through till you get a constant stream of the new filament. after that its happy printing and no messing about with cleaning pins.

A very impressive PLA :)

Easy to print on my MK2.5. Hardly visible layer lines.
Had to print a bit higher temp (210), but the result is really nice and will definitely try some other filaments from you :)
PS! Had the free sample included with my other filaments.

Good Filament

Altough it is a bit more expensive than other filaments, the results are just stunning.

Mylar Resealable Metallic Bag

What can I say, bags are just as described on the website. They seem to be of good quality, and are air tight. It is a bit of a squeeze getting the 1 Kg reel in, but to be honest it is a very minor issue. It certainly makes it easier to stack/store on a shelf. Will definitely be getting more as my stock of filament increases.

Ideal for tires!

I've been looking for something flexible for toy tires, but not too flexible as I want it to hold it shape well when played with. Plus my printer has a Bowden extruder and isn't ideal for flexible stuff.
This printed first time perfectly, it's just the right kind of flexible, tough but will give . Ideal for pushing a tire onto a hub and being sure it'll stay on tight!


I'm a 3D newbie but, with only a bit of fiddling with retraction and so on, have managed to get excellent prints with my PLA+ on my CR-10 (I'm using 3DLac as an adhesive on my glass build plate (at 55 degrees), which sticks really well: just pop the plate in the fridge at the end if it's actually stuck *so* well you can't get it off . . .). The filament does seem more resilient than standard PLA, which is exactly what I wanted. I'm onto my third spool now and it's still going great. Good effort from Rigid Ink.

So much wanted to like this transparent blue PLA filament...

I have tried other PLA samples via the Rigid.Ink club and had some nice prints but this is the first transparent filament I have tried. It started out looking nice but I had so much trouble getting it to adhere to the bed at recommended setting of 40°C. I even tried 45°C and still no luck. In the end i had to resort to using a glue stick. If some one can get this this transparent blue filament to stick, then i am sure the end result will look amazing

Always good stuff

I'm impressed again about the quality of Rigid Ink PLA - always does what it says on the tin! I'm new to 3D printing and this PLA has saved the project when I've messed up!

Great stuff!

I've been pleasantly surprised with the pla, nice crisp colours, and no clogging! This is the first material I've had that simply doesn't clog my printer. And the shipping time is fast considering I'm in Australia

Flossy goodness

Bought this out of curiosity more than anything, but I'm glad I did

I had been using guitar strings to clear blockages in my nozzles until buying this,
Has cleaned out every clog and partial clog so far, very impressed.

I run it through at about 5-10 degrees hotter than the previous filament and run through until
all colour from the previous filament has gone.

Does the trick and I will most definitely be purchasing this again when mine runs out!

Oh, it also makes some interesting shapes while it's extruding, worth it on this point alone haha

Hi There,

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.

I'm glad you can safe some guitar strings from now on :)

Great to hear that Floss is doing it's job and I totally understand what you mean regarding the shapes!

It is quite interesting to watch what comes out of the nozzle

All the best

I have never printed with ABS before and was worried about the nightmares people have put up on 3D printing forums about corners lifting, warping etc. I had a ABS sample and printed on a Prusa MK3 with 0.2 nozzle, without an enclosure the test piece printed great with no warping or corners lifting. the test piece was 100mm x 100mm x5mm. Have a larger piece to print but will enclose the printer first

Sample PLA, WOW

I have printed a couple of small items using sample PLA that I received from club.

To say that I’m impressed is an understatement!

Printing at 185-190c, the filament flows well, producing some great prints.
I won’t be going anywhere else for my filament needs.

Excellent service, Excellent product

I've been looking for "good cheap" filament and have discovered that it doesn't exist, truly cheap filament is just awful.
Rigid ink PLA is an easy to use and fairly priced filament that works out cheaper in the end. No spoiled prints, clogged nozzles or just genuinely terrible results. I'n new to 3D printing and could never work out if it was me or the filament when I didn't get the results I expected. Now I have a product I trust it is one less variable to exclude when things don't work out.
If you are new to 3D printing, you can trust rigid ink PLA to perform and give you one less thing to worry about.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for taking the time to leave this positive review :)

I'm glad you're enjoying printing with PLA and that you are receiving great results!

Keep up your great work

All the best
PETG nice

Rigidink are known for hi-quality pla . but I found their PETG noticeably producing crisper results when compared with a cheaper product. PETG is not an easy filament to print with at the best of times. An excellent product. . .


ideal to keep your filament in prime condition. Don't forguet to trow in a silica gel bag (the one that came with your filament is usally enought)

60-Days Money Back Guarantee
World's Most Reliable Filament
Highest Rated Filament Brand on

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