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Love trying out new colours and materials? Join the club to get exciting new filaments delivered to your door, every month. Plus become a 'beta tester', to try out our newest materials for free.

Exclusive to 'The Club' members.

Subscribe and receive 3 samples in your chosen size and materials each month. Samples are 10 meters in 1.75mm, and 5 meters in 2.85mm. Colours are chosen at random. We will aim to provide different colours each month but depending on the materials, we are limited on the number of colours.

  • PLA 1.75mm - & 2.85mm - 25 colours - & 2.85mm Black, White, Grey, Natural, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Fire Red, Light Blue, Light Green, Light Yellow, Pink, Purple, Magenta, Pearl, Orange, Brown, Gold Bronze, Silver, Khaki, Olive Green, Trans Red, Trans Green and Trans Blue.
  • ABS 1.75mm - 20 colours - Black, White, Grey, Natural, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pearl Red, Gold Bronze, Silver, Khaki, Olive Green, Orange, Brown, Trans Green, Trans Red, Trans Blue and Trans Yellow.
  • ABS 2.85mm - 12 colours - Black, White, Grey, Natural, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold Bronze, Silver, Orange and Brown.



Colours chosen at random, just select 1.75mm or 2.85mm, and PLA or ABS, or a mix.


Tag us and #rigidprints on social media with photos of your club prints, for the chance to win a £50 club voucher and other prizes each month.


The chance to become our 'new materials BETA tester'. Be offered a free sample when released.

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The smaller print...

The club gives you a great opportunity to try out different colours and materials whilst saving money. It is a 30 day subscription, meaning from the date you order, every 30 days after that point your club order will be placed and dispatched again. Every now and then, when we get a new material in - we'll send it to you for Beta testing. Don't worry, by that point it'll have undergone vigorous tests. So it's likely the only thing you'll need to test is the sweets that are included every month.

You can cancel at any time, we won't be offended. We will be sad though, so please let us know where we can improve! We're all ears when it comes to feedback so don't be shy and let us know your thoughts - good or bad. Should you have any questions at any time we're here to help.

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