ASA 3D Filament 0.03 mm +/- Tolerance

ASA 3D Filament 0.03 mm +/- Tolerance

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Out of stock - We expect more soon!

  • The weather resistant, UV-stable version of ABS
  • Keep the fans way down 10-20% (but not completely off)
  • Best printed in warm ambient
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Need a weather resistant, UV-stable version of ABS? Our ASA filament is the answer (full name: Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate). It has excellent strength, with a great all-round weather and chemical resistance. This is fast becoming a popular 3d printing material for outdoor applications.

Whether you’re printing for business, education or just making your next trinket - you need a 3D printer filament you can rely on, something that won’t ruin your prints half way through with blockages or jams. Something that produces the finished article in excellent detail, with no stringing or blobbing.’s ASA printer filament does exactly that.

We’ll even swap or refund it up to 60 days after purchase if you have problems, or simply find it’s just not for you – who else does that?

Free from contaminants and hidden foreign objects; our resins are extremely smooth and predictable to print with. Layer adhesion is unmatched, meaning your ASA prints will be strong and long lasting, every time.

Often overlooked by others, we’re extremely strict on our dimension tolerances. If you’re getting fluctuations in diameter, even by small margins, your prints will have varying thickness areas, which could turn into fault and high stress points. That’s why we pride ourselves on an industry leading 0.03mm+/- either side of the 1.75mm we promise on all filaments (except flexi filaments). Say goodbye to extruder jams, and hello to smooth, strong prints.

Save time and wasted resources with a 3D printer filament you can rely on. 

Like the colours you see in the photos? That’s the colour you’ll receive, and the colour your prints will finish like. Often some filaments have poor pigments, that look washed out or even loose saturation during the heated printing process – leaving washed out colours. Our natural ASA comes in a slightly off-white colour, but won’t yellow over time, even in sunlight.

So, why wait? Our ASA 3d printer filament is an excellent addition to your 3d printing library. Order a 1kg reel or 10m sample today. 

Just a side note, as with all ASA filaments, please turn your printer’s cooling fan low and ensure it’s not printing in a draughty environment. ASA needs to cool slowly, (like ABS) to prevent warping.

Nozzle temperature needs to be around 240-250C, with a heated bed of 90-110C, lowering a few degrees after the first couple of layers.

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