Break-Away 3D Printer Support Filament

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Break-Away 3D Printer Support Filament

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  • While other support structure filaments need to be submerged in water or other chemicals for hours after printing, Break-Away is different: after printing you can just snap off the material, leaving a neat, clean surface under your supported print surface.
  • Ideal for when you don’t have time to waste dissolving the supports, or if you’re dealing with a particularly hygroscopic (moisture absorbing) material like Nylon or Polycarbonate. You could affect physical properties of your print with these materials after hours of submersion.
  • As with all filaments, we only use pure raw materials without contaminants. This ensures excellent layer to layer adhesion, which in turn ensure consistently strong and reliable prints. The last thing you need if the support structure failing ruining an otherwise perfect print.
  • Aside from guaranteeing 100% printing reliability, here at we pride ourselves on efficient, friendly and knowledgeable technical customer support. That means in the unlikely event of any problems, we’re here to get you back on track. Rest assured, we’re not satisfied until you’re ecstatic.


Break-Away 1.75mm & 2.85mm Support Filament

This is a support filament unlike anything you’ve used before. The clue really, is in the name. You see, while the two current popular support materials available at the moment do a very good job; they do have their setbacks.

For example, HIPS prints easily and generally works very well as both a support material and a printing material. But to remove it from your print, you’ll need to dissolve it in Limonene solution. Now that’s not exactly rocket science, but it’s still another chemical you need to purchase and use. It’ll also mean you’ve got to submerge your print in it, for usually 24 hours for the supports to dissolve.

Then there’s PVA – which is much easier to dissolve (just leave it in water), but that means the PVA is extremely hygroscopic, so you’ve got to be very careful storing it. Also on those longer prints, it can be problematic to leave hot PVA in the nozzle for too long at a time.

The holy grail as we see it, is to have a material that prints easily like HIPS (which prints similar to PLA, if you weren’t familiar) and removes easily. Better still, how about this ‘wonder support’ material adheres well when hot, but when cool snaps off of the print easily. Without residue, without needing to submerge your print for a day, without mess. Well, as mess-free as you can expect for 3D printing.

That’s why we’ve created Break-Away. It’s the support material we’ve been waiting for, and we’re pretty sure you’ll love it too. You see, we’ve specifically formulated it to work with ABS, ASA and PETG filaments, to name a few.  

Just load it into your 2nd extruder (or whichever extruder your support goes into, if you’ve got a fancy multi-head), heat up to about 225C and proceed to print alongside your primary print material. Once your print’s finished, just allow it all to cool, pop your creation off of the heated bed and just ease off the Break Away supports.

Within minutes, you’ll be left with smooth edges and a print you can be proud of, with little-to-no requirement to smooth off the under supports. All of the Break-Away will snap off smoothly and easily from your primary print material.

It’s that simple.  

Of course like all our filaments – you can be assured of unmatched quality. Our formulas are pure raw materials, without contaminants – so you know there’s nothing lurking in the filament to cause trouble with your print. Combined with our tolerances being an industry leading 0.03mm+/- tight, this means you can be confident of consistent extrusion and no blockages.

This means reliable, perfect prints –every time.

We can tell you how good it is, and you can read our hundreds or reviews from ecstatic customers (both on our website and, well – anywhere on the web) but if you’re still not convinced, you can just order a 10m sample. Because we won’t force you to buy more than you need, just to test the quality.

What’s more, all comes with a hassle free 60-day moneyback guarantee. Have any trouble or questions? Get in touch.

Sure, ‘great’ customer service is fashionable. But we’re not satisfied until you’re fully satisfied.  

So, order a 1KG or just a 10m sample today – alternatively, just contact us if you’ve got any questions. Our trained support ninjas will be happy to help.

We do not hold Food Safety Certificates. Some of the raw materials used to produce our filaments are food safe accordingly to European regulations, but our filament in it's final form is not officially approved. Neither is the 3D printing process and all the components of 3D printers.

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Printing Temperature: 225°C
Bed Temperature: 95-105°C
Bed Adhesion: Glue-stick, Blue painters tape
Print Speed: 30-40mm/s (higher speeds may need slightly hotter printing temp, up to 250°C)

Good ventilation is essential and do not leave print unattended.

Sample Weight: Approx 35g
Empty Spool + Filament Weight: Approx 250g + 1KG = Approx 1.25KG
1KG Spool size: 20cm dia, 7cm width, 5.6cm dia spool hole

Please note: settings vary printer to printer so experimenting is essential

Help Center - Support Comparison Summary

How to Print Overhangs, Bridges and Exceeding the 45° Rule

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For specific 3D printing help, please complete our 3D Printing Help Form.

We do not hold Food Safety Certificates. Some of the raw materials used to produce our filaments are food safe accordingly to European regulations, but our filament in it's final form is not officially approved. Neither is the 3D printing process and all the components of 3D printers.


Customer Reviews

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Best Customer Support

I'm new to the world of 3D printing, so have no idea what most of the settings in my software do. Naturally, my first effort to print with this break away filament didn't end well. I sent an email with some photos and screenshots to rigid ink and received the most helpful, personally-tailored support imaginable. Way above expectations. I was sent a list of all the settings required for my specific software and my specific printer. Now, I keep this filament permanently loaded in my second extruder and use it for all support structures and rafting. I love it. Thank you!

Fantastic support, comes off clean

I decided to give this support material a try when I was tasked with printing a 3D scan of a hominid skull with a quick turnaround where I wouldn't have too much time to clean up the print afterwards. I have to say, I'm really impressed and would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who needs support material where it will be accessible after the print.

The only reason I'd suggest PVA over this would be if you need to print support material in areas that would be difficult / impossible to access afterwards.

You can watch my video review online at:

Great product

Had a few issues with this to begin with in getting it to extrude straight when I loaded the filament, How ever a quick email to Monica and she came back quickly to say that its normal while extruding in free air, and to try going up the temp range.
How ever when printing this did not effect it at all. I got a good print using this support and its super easy to snap off.
Thanks again Rigid Ink. AA++

Good filament

Great idea, although, can be a little trickier that youd expect to print with, not as straight up easy as it's sold to be. Beware! Blockages likely! But still a great filament once you're used to it.

Hi there, Thanks for taking time to write your feedback. I'm glad you made Break Away to work on the end. If you experience any difficulties while printing, we are always here to help. May I ask you what printer and settings have you been using? It could be helpful to us and other customers in the future as 3D printing can be sometimes one big experiment. All the best Monica
A Wonderful Alternative to PVA,HIPS, HIGH-T-LAY Support Filaments

I am currently working on a Prosthetic arm. I have been searching for a support material that is compatible with Taulman 910 Alloy. In addition I have been searching for an alternative to water soluble support material. Due to the fact that Nylon and to a certain degree, ABS are hygroscopic polymers and soaking in a vat of water is not really ideal. In my experiments, the immersion of the finished Nylon part in water, can effect some of the properties of the finished part. Also, I have tried an exotic water soluble filament from Germany, called HIGH-T-LAY, which is very pricey, only sold by the 0.25kg and sold without a spool. One of the selling points for me with BREAK-AWAY SUPPORT FILAMENT, is the great price, large quantity that you can purchase and it comes already wound on a spool! Not to mention that you have nothing to risk, because you can buy a very cheap sample and try it out for your self. So, buy a sample and try out for yourself.

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