Flexible PLA 1.75 mm 3D Filament 0.03 mm +/- Tolerance

Flexible PLA 1.75 mm 3D Filament 0.03 mm +/- Tolerance

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Out of stock - We expect more soon!

  • Biopolymer flexible filament
  • Very hydroscopic (easily absorbs moisture) so must be kept in sealed bag when not in use
  • Shore hardness rating is 55
  • Print temperature: around 240-250C
  • Heated bed temperature: around 75C
  • 50% less speed on fast printers
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This versatile material is a Biopolymer flexible filament. OK, so it’s not strictly a PLA by definition, but it is all-natural filament, similar in properties to PLA (such as biodegradable and easy to work with).

Our flexi PLA is versatile; you can print it thick walled, or higher infill for a stiffer, extremely durable part. Or you can print the walls thinner, with much lower infill to create a very flexible, soft structure. See the wheel below.

How easy is it to print with? Compared with other flexible filaments, very. The wheel above was actually printed on an Ultimaker 2. For those not already impressed, that printer uses a rear feeding mechanism, which when presented with typical flexi filaments can cause it to jam as it’s like ‘pushing string’ and coils up. What makes ours different? It’s low friction, which means our flexible pla will feed through nicely and print correctly – on all machines.

With our special blend of resin, you can be confident of excellent layer bonding, resulting in consistent long-lasting prints. With no stringing or blobbing, you’ll also get a detailed layer finish you can be proud of.

This soft pla won’t stretch much though, so it’s also ideal for printing pulley belts, or tank tracks etc. A truly excellent all-rounder for flexible applications, and a great starting material to get to grips with flexible prints before moving onto other materials, such as our TPU (similar to Ninjaflex and other Polyurethane based filaments). The Shore hardness is 55D.

As with all rigid.ink filaments, you can be confident of excellent printing reliability thanks to our super-tight tolerances and pure raw materials. There won’t be any particles lurking to block your extruder, or contaminants that can weaken your prints.

rigid.ink soft, flexible PLA will perform time after time. And if it doesn’t, or you simply change your mind – we offer one of the best guarantees in the business. 60-days to return or exchange, no questions & no hassle. We’re really committed to making you happy with your prints.

3D printing can be problematic enough, without you worrying about filament issues.

Not confident to purchase a 1KG roll? We’ve got nothing to hide, so order a 10m sample today to see for yourself.

Flexible filaments best printed at around 15mm/s (or half speed on the Ultimaker 2 and similar printers). Temperatures are best printed at 240-250C with a heated bed of around 75-80C.



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