Floss™ Superior Cleaning Filament

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Floss™ Superior Cleaning Filament

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  • While other ‘cleaning filaments’ are mostly just marketing hype – Floss is no gimmick. Using our specially formulated purging compound, you can visibly see Floss working (or your money back).
  • Under extruding with a partial blockage?* Flush is through in under 30 seconds. You’ll see the built up carbon, dust and residue filament actually being purged out. Floss cleans out areas no other cleaning filament can reach. All without being abrasive or harmful to your nozzle.
  • Wait, £360 per KG? Sure, this isn’t cheap. Luckily just 50g will give you 70-100 full cleans for just £17.95. That’s just ~20p per clean! How long did it take you to clean your nozzle out last time again?
  • Floss also dramatically improves printing reliability when using multiple materials. Changing from low temp PLA to higher temp ABS? You’ll cook and carbonize that PLA. Changing from high temp 300C PC to 220C PETG? It won’t flush out, except with Floss.
  • Don’t leave it to chance: what’s lurking inside your nozzle ready to ruin your next print? What could’ve been a 30 second speed-date with Floss, ends up being a night-in stripping down your extruder. Still not sure? Just read our reviews. Our customers tell it like it is…


Floss™ cleaning filament is designed to save you time. 

The price you see above will get you between 70-100 full purges of your extruder. A small investment will keep your nozzle blockage free for thousands of printing hours. 

If you’ve been 3D printing for any length of time, it’s likely you’ve experienced at least one clogged extruder nozzle. And if you have, you’ll know unblocking one can be a pain in the neck (and often doesn’t completely solve the issue).

No need for a nozzle cleaning kit. A better solution is to ensure you take the necessary precautions to ensure the nozzle doesn’t block in the first place. One of course is to use good quality filament, the second is to ensure you clean the nozzle frequently.

You see every time you change a material in your 3D printer, you need to ensure the nozzle is perfectly clean. When changing from a low temperature material like PLA, to a medium temperature like ABS, usually the lower temp filament will be flushed out once the hotter material has run through. However, this isn’t always the case, and you can find some residue of the other material coming out later and embedding in your print.

You also run the risk of cooking the lower temperature filament in the nozzle, building up carbon or risking clogging it up while you print with the higher temperature material. You may have noticed different colours or black specks in your prints after changing materials in the past.

An even riskier problem is changing from a higher temperature material, down to a lower temp filament. Here you have the real risk of residue of the previous material not melting correctly, and lodging in the extruder. It’s then only a matter of time before it will clog up, as the new lower nozzle temperature will not be able to flush out the previous higher temperature material.

It’s therefore essential that your nozzles are kept clean. If you change materials frequently, using a good quality cleaning filament is essential. If you print using the same material overtime and never change, you won’t need to use cleaning filament as often, but it’s still important to use occasionally to ensure everything is clean. Especially if you’re running nozzles thinner than the standard 0.4mm.

Our cleaning filament Floss™ is specifically designed to flush out all other materials, residue and carbon deposits from inside your extruder nozzle. It does this by being a complex blend of a high adhesive quality, to absorb and remove residual filament, yet very smooth flowing to ensure it never clogs your nozzle.


How about cleaning filament instructions?

It couldn't be simpler. Load the filament just like any other into your 3D printer, and extrude (don't print with it onto your bed, it won't stick!) into thin air. You'll often see the built up carbon and material deposits from inside your extruder being pulled out with the Floss™

Floss™ is designed to work well with stubborn high temperature filaments, and demonstrates excellent heat stability; operating over a resilient wide range of temperatures. Cleaning filament temperature to print at is from around 200C up to 280C+.

We suggest using approximately 10-20cm (on 1.75mm machines) or around 5-10cm (on 3mm and 2.85mm machines) of Floss™ each time you change material in your printer. Although often just a few inches will clear everything out that it needs to.

This ensures no build up or left over material can be left behind. Alternatively if you don’t often change materials run the same amount of Floss™ through periodically, around once every 200-300 printing hours depending on the quality of filament you usually print with.

We sell Floss™ 3D Printer Cleaning Filament in 50g amounts, which should easily clean your nozzles 70-100 times, often far more. If you require Floss™ in larger spools, please contact us.

*Please Note: Floss cannot unblock a fully blocked nozzle, it needs some flow to function and purge the contaminants out. Floss is best used as a preventative before you need it.  

We do not hold Food Safety Certificates. Some of the raw materials used to produce our filaments are food safe accordingly to European regulations, but our filament in it's final form is not officially approved. Neither is the 3D printing process and all the components of 3D printers.

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Extruder Temperature: 200-280°C (use just above last/highest material printed temp)

Total Weight: 50g
Amount needed per clean: approx 15cm (approx 0.4g)

Please note: settings vary printer to printer so experimenting is essential

Clogged Extruder Nozzle? - What causes it, how to avoid it, and how to fix it

For specific 3D printing help, please complete our 3D Printing Help Form.

We do not hold Food Safety Certificates. Some of the raw materials used to produce our filaments are food safe accordingly to European regulations, but our filament in it's final form is not officially approved. Neither is the 3D printing process and all the components of 3D printers.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Cleans old head to act like new.

My printer head has never been cleaned other than me taking it all apart and doing it by hand. Used this as a test more than anything and the crap it cleaned out of old filament was impressive, so it's not part of my cycle when setting up and changing filament.

Hi Clifford, Thanks for leaving this positive review. I'm glad we could help a bit and that it worked out well for you! All the best Monica
Works Well

Cleans out the nozzle effectively as can be seen by the material extruded on the floss.

Flossed my Nozzle and feeling better

Was easy to use. I feel better - hope my nozzle appreciates it.

Life saver and a must have for people who use multiple types of filament

This stuff has saved me from so much pain, misery and suffering.
I am lucky with my printers. I treat them well, they treat me well, and I very VERY rarely have any issues.
However, I do frequently swap between several types of filament, each with their own temperature requirements and some more abrasive than others. This can be a dangerous time, especially when moving from a high temp filament to something like PLA and can result in blockages.
Since I've started using filament floss between changes of material type, I've not had a single issue with blockages or nozzle flow and can't praise it enough. In fact here's my video review of it: https://youtu.be/KWrNNE-jI3M

Doesn’t seem to work

Did not help to prevent or solve a blocked nozzle.

Hi Anthony, Thanks for leaving a review and I apologise for any issues you're experiencing. We are not used to hear negatives about our Floss, so I would like to get to the bottom of this issue. Would you be able to send me an email to customerdelight@rigid.ink explaining what is happening? There can be a few different reasons for blocked nozzle, so I can have a look into it and prevent it for the future. I look forward to hearing from you soon, so I can get this resolved All the best Monica
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