Nylon 12 1.75 mm 3D Filament 0.03 mm +/- Tolerance

Nylon 12 1.75 mm 3D Filament 0.03 mm +/- Tolerance

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Out of stock - We expect more soon!

  • Very durable, strong and versatile
  • Can be printed thin to be flexible
  • Excellent layer bonding
  • Lightweight
  • Low friction coefficient and high melting temp makes it ideal for use with moving components
  • Printing temperature: around 255-275C
  • Heated bed temperautre: around100-110C or higher (with blue painter's tape for first few layers)

Our Nylon 12 filament is essentially the best suited material for end-­use parts and working prototypes. Why? Well, Nylon has been a very popular material of choice in industry for years, where maximum durability is required, now it's available as a 3D printing filament.

Being strong and durable, 3D printing Nylon is a very practical. Our high grade Nylon 12 material has extremely good layer bonding, for smooth, strong (fault­-free) end­-use prints. Print it very thin to make long lasting living hinges, or flexible parts and print it with a higher infill to create hard but durable parts (like snap fit fixings or tough protective casings etc.).

Nylon's low friction coefficient also makes it ideal for bush bearings or gears (think RC car gearboxes) ­ the end-­use possibilities for this excellent all-rounder are near limitless. Bring 3D printing away from low­-use display models, and into real world, with higher stress working prototypes and products.

Not to be confused with Nylon 6, or other lower grade Nylons, our specially blended Nylon 12 printing filament is the most thermo and chemically stable of all the Nylons. This means it'll hold it's form over a much wider range of temperature extremes. It's also the least hydroscopic, meaning it will absorb minimal moisture. It’s an excellent grade of nylon for 3d printing.

If you require Nylon that prints reliably, lasts long and produces fully usable, high use parts ­our Nylon 12 3D printing filament is unmatched.

We even offer a complete, free returns 60-­day moneyback guarantee­ in the unlikely event you don't like it (for whatever reason) or simply change your mind.

Nylon parts typically won’t scratch or break, so they'll last much longer than other materials. Post print finishing and machining (where required) is also straightforward. It can easily be drilled, tapped and generally used hard to produce an excellent finished part. However due to our formula of Nylon 12 and industry-­leading tight diameter tolerances of just +/­0.03mm your prints will have an excellent, smooth and detailed finish straight off the printer.

With a density of just 1.05g/cc, Nylon is comparatively light compared with most plastics, which makes it an even better choice where weight is a concern.

Nylon 12 may be a little expensive to use for general purpose printing, but for printing usable products that can be used hard, by you or for your client's needs ­ we feel there's just nothing better. It's a great addition to your printing arsenal; now you have a material to truly make endless possibilities with your printer.

Not sure if Nylon is for you? Order a 10m sample to see for yourself. Don't forget, we're so confident you'll love the quality prints that rigid.ink produces, if you're not happy ­ send it back!

Free returns or replacements for 60 days. Who else does that?

So, order today.

Nylon 12 prints best at 255-­275C, if you can't get it hot enough just slow down the feed. Heated bed wants to be 100­-110C+, and Nylon typically won't adhere to glass to use some kapton or blue painters tape for bed adhesion.

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