PETG 1.75 mm 3D Filament 0.03 mm +/- Tolerance

PETG 1.75 mm 3D Filament 0.03 mm +/- Tolerance

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Out of stock - We expect more soon!
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Out of stock - We expect more soon!

  • Stiff, clear and strong
  • Lower shrinkage than other filaments
  • Really smooth finishes
  • Odourless printing
  • Transparent material
  • Printing temperature: around 220-235C
  • Heated bed temperature: around 70-85C
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PETG plastic is a very durable material. What is PETG? It’s essentially PET (think plastic bottles etc.) that’s glycol modified for enhanced durability and flex. Your PETG prints will be stiff, but very hard to break – you’ll likely be able to bend it, but we’d be very surprised if you could break it in your hands.

It’s the ideal material to print where you need something with a bit of flex, but won’t break. These properties make it more durable than PLA or ABS.

Printing with PETG is a dream, because the plastic naturally has low shrinkage and so is unlikely to warp. An excellent advantage with PETG is you can expect very smooth finishes – it’s not likely to string or blob (unless of course you print too hot!). It also prints odorless.

We stock our PETG filament in a selection of translucent colours, due to its clarity in its natural form. We thoroughly test our colours to ensure there are no changes of inconsistencies when printing.

As with all filaments, you can expect consistent diameter tolerance of just +/-0.03mm. This is important; it means your extruder is laying out the precise amount of material necessary, so you don’t get random thicker or thinner areas (creating invisible fault areas in your prints).

Due to our special blend of raw materials, your will flow smoothly and produce consistent, reliable prints every time (we promise, or your money back). That’s because there are no contaminants lurking inside the resin that could block your extruder or cause other printing issues.

And we’re proud of that; it’s why you can trust to save your time and resources – it’s just a no-hassle filament.

Not sure if is for you? Did we mention we guarantee our PETG material, and all our filaments with a no-hassle, free returns 60-day guarantee?

Don’t like it, for whatever reason? Send it back, our customer service, like our filament quality - is unrivalled. We’re fully committed to ensuring you’re more than happy with your But we know everyone says that – so please check out our reviews online. Just Google us (or view the reviews on this site) to see what we mean.

And if you don’t feel like committing to a full KG spool just yet, you can order a 10m sample to see for yourself. So, why not try PETG today? It could be your next favorite filament over PLA or ABS, we know it’s one of ours.

Works with all open sourced based 3D printers, with a heated bed, our spool size is - 20cm dia, 7cm width, 5.6cm dia spool hole. To print PETG for best results, think half way between PLA and ABS temperature settings; around 220-235C with a heated bed of 70-85C.

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