PLA 2.85 mm (fits 3.0mm) 3D Filament 0.03 mm +/- Tolerance

PLA 2.85 mm (fits 3.0mm) 3D Filament 0.03 mm +/- Tolerance

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Out of stock - We expect more soon!

  • Versatile biopolymer that's easy to print with
  • Low smell and long­term biodegradable
  • Our PLA is surprisingly strong, great for end-­use parts
  • No heated bed necessary (but you can use one at under 50°C)
  • Low heat grade PLA, extruding temperature 180­-210°C
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What makes our PLA (Polylactic Acid) different?

 Pure Formula

Many PLA filaments may have inconsistencies or contaminants. This is a problem, because it can mean some parts or sections of your filament can have varying extruding temperatures, leading to blockages.

Consistent Diameter (0.03 mm +/- ) What's often overlooked is the importance of maintaining a consistent diameter of the filament. If it's too wide in places, this again can stop your extruder from extruding. Thin sections can cause under extrusion.
Excellent Layer Adhesion Our PLA filament produces a full­ strength print with excellent layer adhesion, meaning layer separation is a thing of the past.
NO stringing or blobbing Due to our pure formulations (we have a strict no contaminants rule) your prints will come out with no stringing, or blobbing and excellent detail.

The colour you see in the photo is the exact colour you'll receive. Not only that, it won't look washed out after the heat from the extruding process either. Leaving you with rich, vibrant prints.
Strength Our PLA is surprisingly strong, meaning it's ideal for printing actually usable parts and prototypes.
Need a PLA filament that's as strong as ABS? You might want to check out our PLA plus.
Temperatures Print PLA, around 180-210°C depending on your printer.
Heated bed not necessary, but if preferred around 50°C.
Spool Size 20cm dia, 7cm width, 5.6cm dia spool hole.

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