PVA Soluble Support 3D Filament 0.03 mm +/- Tolerance

PVA Soluble Support 3D Filament 0.03 mm +/- Tolerance

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Out of stock - We expect more soon!

  • Water soluble
  • High tensile strength and flexibility
  • Grease/oil resistant
  • Excellent adhesive properties
  • Non-toxic, odourless and biodegradable
  • Often used with PLA
  • Printing temperature: around 190-210C

Want to really open the possibilities of your 3D printer? With a soluble support filament like our PVA, you can print otherwise impossibly complex objects – with flat overhangs and fine details. After printing, just take the whole part and simply place it in water to dissolve the support structures after printing. No scraping or sanding to get your part smooth, the PVA simply dissolves after a few hours in room temperature water.

So why buy rigid.ink PVA over our competitors?

To date, we’re the only company we know of who makes PVA filament the right way. Ours is translucent, like PVA should be. This means you’re getting pure Polyvinyl Alcohol, with no cheap additives or contaminants. Inconsistencies in material makeup can lead to particles with higher melting points clogging your extruder. Not with our special blend, you’ll get consistently flowing PVA, guaranteed. That means perfect prints, every time.

Using a support material is often done on a printer using dual (or more) extruders. If your printer doesn’t have a second extruder, it’s likely you can upgrade it to dual – most printers on the market have this option so you can print multiple colours or a range of dissolvable support material.

We pride ourselves in our super-tight tolerances of just +/-0.03mm either side of the 1.75mm we promise. Fluctuations in diameter with your filament can lead to over or under extruding (which can lead to thicker/thinner walls on your part) – this doesn’t sound like a big deal when talking about a support filament, but you likely already know; small faults can cause big problems when it comes to 3d printing. It’s all part of how we can promise our perfect prints, 60-day moneyback guarantee.

You’ll be pleased to know, we’re not just all about exceptional quality. That guarantee? We mean it, and we stand by it. Our customer service is the best in the business (we’ll bend over backwards to prove it) – so rest assured we’re here to support you through your 3D printing journey.

So why not delve into a new world of 3D printing possibilities with our easy to use PVA? Order a 0.5KG roll, or just a 10m sample to test, today.

Temperatures: Our PVA filament prints best around 190-210C (approx. 375-410F), and can be used with PLA or ABS, or a range of other materials. Please note, PVA is extremely hydroscopic, so you must keep it dry with the desiccant in our special re-sealable bags (supplied). If you have a large print, you’re best submerging it overnight in water for the PVA to dissolve.

Works with pretty much all filament based 3D printers, our spool size is - 20cm dia, 7cm width, 5.6cm dia spool hole.

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